Tone Deaf

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When you're attacked with criticism and negativity at key moments in your life, it can ruin your confidence for the rest of your life. Although a comparatively small thing compared with the abuse many people, especially women, receive, two teachers effectively ended any musical aspirations I had. I've been a drifting jack-of-all-trades all my life, struggling to fit in and make myself understood. Now I've got into music, CONFIDENTLY, I feel I've finally found where I belong (sorry if I am tone deaf, ha ha!) THANK YOU for listening and THANK YOU to Best Song Backing Tracks for the backing track.


Spain @BSBT - drums, guitar, keyboards

UK BB6 - lyrics, vocals and harp


© BB6

TONE DEAF (but made of music)

Teacher told me I was tone deaf, when I was in school
Said I had no rhythm, when I was in school
The kids all teased me, made me feel a fool

When teacher doesn't like you, it's like a K.O.
When a teacher hurts you, it's like a K.O.
Now I'm back on my feet, I'm up off the floor

I shoulda done this, sixty years ago
Wish I'd have done this, sixty years ago
Expression through music, let nobody tell you no!

Well, I'm not Elvis, I don't do his stuff
But I love music, rhythm I love
It brings out my best, man, I can't get enough

We're all made of music, rhythm and love
We're all made of music, rhythm and love
Inside us, outside us, all around us and above

Music is amazing, sensational stuff
We all love music, and we can't get enough
Yeah, we're all made of music, rhythm and love

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley


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