Samba Pa Ti

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The first time I heard Samba Pa Ti it felt like a perfect expression of the love of life. It has made me feel warm inside ever since, so I've gone and ruined it by trying to play it on my mouthorgan and adding some lyrics. Oh well, you'll soon recover by listening to an original version. Thank you for listening.


Mexico Carlos Santana - Original composer on guitar

USA Santana - Original Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards

Serbia softbackingtracks - Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards for this backing track

UK BB6 - Lyrics, vocals and mouthorgan


© BB6


Come, let's dance under the sun
And feel beautiful!
Once again, life's just begun
Feel wonderful!

Isn't life an amazing gift?
Our life brings everything

Feel the music inside!
Feel it!
Samba to the rhythm of life!

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana


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