Help Me With The Onions

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THANK YOU for listening. And many thanks must go to the following who wrote or co-wrote this song. NB: The views expressed in my lyrics are mine alone. Others involved may have different views.

Help Me by Sonny Boy Williamson uses a slower version of the famous Green Onions track by Booker T and the MGs. So I've merged them and added some of my own lyrics. Enjoy!


USA Sonny Boy Williamson (1912-1965) - Vocals and blues harp on the original version of Help Me

USA Booker T and the MGs - composers and performers of original Green Onions

UK ButternoteBackingTracks - backing track

UK BB6 - lyrics, vocals and harp


© BB6


You got to help me
I can’t do it all by myself
You got to help me, baby
I can’t do it all by myself
If you don’t help me
I’ll have to find myself somebody else
I can cook and I can sew
I can wash and I can mop the floor
But I need help with the onions
They really make me cry
If you help me with the onions
There’ll be no need to say good bye
So many layers before we get to the truth
So many liars when need to hear the truth
Those layers and liars are making me cry
But I’m not gonna lay down and die, oh no
There may be tears in my eyes but one thing is clear
We all prefer joy to living in fear
So can we work together and
Help each other stay free
You gotta help me, we can't do it all by ourselves
Onions, this rhythm is Green Onions
And this kind of onion
Has never made me cry
I love Green Onions
Green Onions. So tasty in a salad pie!


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