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The albatross is now very endangered. It has the widest wingspan of all birds, has a comical courting dance, can fly hundreds of miles without flapping a wing and spends years at a time without touching down on land!

Albatross, the beautiful laid-back tune by Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac, is a timeless classic. I hope my version with lyrics and mouthorgan is of some value, if only to draw attention to the original. Thank you for listening.


UK Peter Green (1946-2020) - Original composer on guitar

USA Fleetwood Mac - Original drums, bass and guitar

Finland Jussi Linkola - Drums, guitars for this version

UK BB6 - Lyrics, vocals and mouthorgan


© BB6


Skywards, climbing high
Seawards, whistling by
Soaring and swooping 
Lifting and looping
Mile after mile after mile

Nostrils, sensing the speed
Nostrils, vital indeed
Sensing, the air flow
Sensing, squid below

Breathing, at one with the wind
Breezing, at home on the wing
Effortless flight
All day and all night
But soon to be lost
Peter Green
Peter Green


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